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Lake Effect Community Arts is well on its way providing Arts activities in our Communities. Have a question, idea, comment? Please give us a call , contact us via E-mail, or use the handy Form below. We like to hear from you!

   President, Sue Robishaw (906) 644-2598 info@lakeeffectarts.org
   Treasurer, Pam Shiels (906) 283-3415 treasurer@lakeeffectarts.org
   Classes, Stephanie Reese (906) 283-1001 stephanie@lakeeffectarts.org
                 or Mindy Asp  (906) 450-5777 mindy@lakeeffectarts.org
    Theatre, Georgia Peitsch  (906) 341-0042 theatre@lakeeffectarts.org
    Webmaster, Steve Schmeck steve@lakeeffectarts.org
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