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Lake Effect Community Arts Gets Involved with
Mia Tavonatti's "Power of Words"

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March 2018 - Mia Tavonatti expands her Power of  Words project into a regional iniative called “UPlift” with funds from CUPPAD's Artplace grant, adding two more murals in Manistique and Gladstone.

The Svelata Foundation and Schoolcraft Tourism and Commerce, in partnership with the Lake Effect Community Arts Center, are delighted to announce that the first of hopefully numerous new murals will be painted on the south facing wall of the People’s building in downtown Manistique in July, 2018. The Power of Words Project is a humanitarian mural campaign designed to engage and inspire community members to participate in the creative process by coming together to elect words that define the vision they hold for the future of their community. These words become the themes for monumental works of art designed by Mia, an internationally award winning artist and native of Iron Mountain, and created by her and her team of professional muralists, local artists and student scholarship recipients, in prominent locations within the community. 
The first Power of Words Project Mural “Believe” was completed in 2013 and is located on the West façade of the Blackstone Pizza Company building. The second “Community” mural, done in June of 2017 brings the west side of The Daily News building to life with portraits of 89 local community members and one child astronaut, symbolic of the future potential of the community.  These murals have drawn visitors from around the country and continue to be tremendous cultural assets to the Iron Mountain Downtown District.  
The community is invited to participate in the creative process through an online vote to determine the Word that will become the theme of the first Manistique 2018 mural. The first 20 words nominated that “define their vision for the future of their community”, will be posted on the website and all community members are encouraged to cast a vote for their word of choice by visiting www.powerofwordsproject.org. Voting will be open from March 22nd until April 19th, 2018.
These projects are made possible with the prestigious Artplace grant recently awarded to CUPPAD, as well as local corporate and individual sponsorships. With the Artplace grant, the Power of Words Project will be expanding into a regional initiative called “UPLIFT” and will include additional mural projects in Manistique in July and Gladstone in August, with the ultimate intention of growing into an all UP wide project designed to uplift the region culturally and economically and to plant seeds of inspiration for its residents and tourists.  All Power of Words Project funds raised go towards materials, travel, lodging, food, wall preparations, promotion, grants for local artists and scholarships for local art students who work side by side with Mia and her team of professional artists in these mural creations.

Persons interested in learning more about the project are encouraged to visit the Power of Words Project Website at www.powerofwordsproject.org.
Persons wishing to become involved with the project or become sponsors can contact Schoolcraft Tourism and Commerce STC Alan Barr alanb@creativechange.org, or Mia Tavonatti at mia@svelata.org.

Get involved - Power of Words ProjectThe Power of Words Project is looking for 4-6 local artists and 4-6 local student artists to assist with our mural project in Manistique this July. If you are interested, please click on the appropriate  link below to download instructions and an application. Thanks!

                                   [ ARTIST APPLICATION ]          [ STUDENT APPLICATION ]