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choir singing graphicSimple or complex, soaring or soothing, hands-on music is a wonderful experience where amazing things happen. Join others or make your own, or gather to listen to someone special.
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Lake Effect Arts "Manistique Community Chorus"

 Community Chorus Concert


retiring Director Jim Russey, pianist Ginger Stark, and all of the singers!

for six wonderful concerts.

Jim Russey has stepped down from being Director of the Chorus so the Community Chorus is on hold right now until another director can be found. If you are interested, or know anyone who might be, please let us know! We (and the singers!) really would like to see the Chorus continue.

The Donations at the door by the audience members were generous and are very much appreciated. It helped in a big way to purchase music for the singers! Thank you to all who contributed (at the concerts and as special donations).

The Lake Effect Community Arts' "Manistique Community Chorus" began in the spring of 2013 under the direction of Jim Russey, with multi-talented pianist Ginger Stark. The number of participants continued to grow as did the quality of the singing! Each concert was unique and something to look forward to. There were 40 to 60 singers participating in each of the six concerts, the last one in August of 2017 after which Jim Russey retired as the Director. The concerts were a wonderful addition to the community and we hope to continue the Chorus in the future for the enjoyment of singers and audiences alike. 

Community Chorus is an amateur choir for anyone who is interested in being a part. All are welcome; no prior choral experience is required. The Chorus is not only an opportunity to sing together but to learn as well.

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