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Simple or complex, soaring or soothing, hands-on music is a wonderful experience where amazing things happen. Join others or make your own, or gather to listen to someone special.

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Community Band?  Director Needed!

Lake Effect Community Arts would like to start a Community Band. With the dissolution of the popular Community Orchestra, which had a wonderful run under the direction of the late Jim Hatfield and top violinist Doreen Hatfield, there is a need and interest for a community band. Since the local schools don't offer orchestra there was a real lack of string players for an orchestra so we decided to go in the direction of a band instead. With the support of the former Orchestra Board and a generous donation from them to get it started we are embarking on this newest endeavor with great enthusiasm.

Our first need, however, is for a Director! If you are interested, or know someone who might be interested, in being a first part of this new group by stepping forward to be its first director, please contact:

Janet Helmbold at 906-341-5544.

Spread the word -- and those of you who play or used to play a band instrument get it out and start getting those fingers, breath, lips, synapses in shape to play in our new Lake Effect Arts Community Band!!

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Ahhh, music. So much to so many people in so many ways. A note sung, a note strummed, brought together under a shared umbrella, informally or with great precision. Music is a great endeavor while being at the same time a simple offering. Music is an important part of Lake Effect Arts as well. We encourage involvement and creativity in all areas, but will focus on music that is not common in the public arena.

There are other wonderful musical events in our community as well!  YETI sponsors a variety of popular fun concerts throughout the summer Wednesday evenings, 7:00 - 9:00 pm, at the Manistique Bandshell with support from local businesses. The Manistique Chamber Music Series is a special series of chamber concerts in the summer of a quality not often found in rural communities such as ours. Watch the local papers for listings of these and other arts happenings in our community.