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Good news only! Here is the latest...

JULY 2017:  The Board starts a new era with a new President, Teresa Bratton, with Mike Peitsch taking on the position of Vice President. The former President and one of the founding Directors of the organization, Sue Robishaw, "retired" after six years due to other commitments, with a bit of sadness but with confidence in the current Board.

The Board is also working hard with the Lake Effect Art Gallery Board to find a permanent building and home for the Art Gallery and for Lake Effect Community Arts activities. With the sale of the building at Traders Point which has housed the Art Gallery thus far the Gallery will have to move at the end of this season. The Board members have been looking and considering many options and hope to find a good solution before long. Meantime, the Building Fund is growing! With great appreciation to all who have contributed.

OCTOBER 2016:  We welcome a new Director to our Board with the election of Teresa Bratton at the Annual Meeting. Incumbent Board members who were re-elected were: Mindy Asp, Bonnie Garvin, and Sue Robishaw. We have nine Directors which also include Janet Helmbold, Theresa Neville, Mike Peitsch, Carol Peterson, and Pam Shiels. A BIG THANK YOU to all the Board Members and other volunteers who keep LECA active and healthy.

SEPTEMBER:  In anticipation of finding a place of our own (see below) the Board decided to start a Building Fund with $5000 from our General Fund. We will welcome any additional donations to build this Fund into a workable amount so we'll be ready when the right building comes along for us to purchase.

Fall hours begin at the Art Gallery. They are now open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, through the end of October. November hours are Thursday, Friday, Saturdays, 11:00-3:00. The last day for the season will be Saturday, November 19.

The Board voted to join the Schoolcraft County EDC.

AUGUST:  We are seriously looking at possible buildings to become our actual CENTER building.  We are so ready for a "room of our own", though we really do appreciate all the places that have allowed us to borrow or rent rooms to hold classes and gatherings. We are desiring a building that can house both the Art Gallery and Community Arts classes and activities.

JULY:  LECAC is happy to collaborate with the YETI youth organization by sponsoring the always popular WhiteWater Concert, Wednesday, August 17 at 7:00 pm at the Pioneer Park Bandshell.

We are also collaborating with the Children's Learning Center/Museum group by sponsoring a Chalk & Bubbles Fun evening, July 21, 6:30 pm in the parking lot of St Francis School, for all children of any age (and their adults, too!).

Community Band - There is a great deal of interest in organizing, and participating in, a Community Band now that the ever popular Manistique Community Orchestra has officially disbanded. We have decided to take on this project and are in the search for a Band Director. So if you know of anyone, let us know! There are musicians young and old, with their band instruments, just waiting for the word to come and play.

JUNE: The LECAC's Manistique Community Chorus has its popular annual early summer CONCERT, Sunday June 26, 3:00 pm at the Manistique High School Auditorium.

We welcome new Lake Effect Gallery Board member, Sara Bagley to that active and hard working group of dedicated volunteers.

MAY: The Lake Effect Art Gallery's Preview Open House will be Friday, May 27, 5:00-7:00 pm. This is a great time to see what the artists have been working on all winter and to get the first chance at the new work! The Gallery Board has been busy and making some wonderful changes to the Gallery. Stop in often! Regular hours begin Saturday, May 28. The Gallery is open Monday-Saturdays, 10:00-5:00 pm.

We will once again purchase the art supplies for Deb Gierke's Summer Day Camp for area children at the Schoolcraft County Fair Building. She has a fun program planned and the children have a great creative time.

Readers Theatre will be taking the summer off and will resume their monthly gatherings in September. It was a great season of play readings spiced with plenty of laughter and good times.

The Board decided to purchase Lake Effect Community Arts T-shirts printed with our Logo to sell at the Gallery and other local events as a fundraiser. We hope to have them available by the end of June.

MARCH: A group has been formed and is actively pursuing creating a Community Learning Center/Children's Museum in Manistique. We've met with and are excited about their project and how it lines up with our own mission and goals. Focus right now is on finding and funding an appropriate building. LECA is looking at how we can collaborate and support this project, and coordinate our efforts and programs with theirs.

FEBRUARY: LECA will participate in the Manistique Public Library's Community Showcase, Wednesday Feb. 24, 5:00-7:00 pm, sharing information on our many and various activities and Groups.

Mike Powers who is in charge of the Manistique Yeti Key Club youth group invited LECA to participate in some fashion with one of their summer concerts. We decided to co-sponsor the popular White Water Concert, August 17 at 7:00 pm at the Pioneer Park Bandshell.

JANUARY: The Lake Effect Art Gallery new Board officers are President - Carol Peterson, Secretary - Brenda Fleck, Treasurer - Pam Shiels.

We will be offering a Photography Workshop with well known photographer Rod Planck on May 14, 12:00-3:00 pm. Details will be on the website soon.


OCTOBER: The annual members meeting was held and five Directors were elected: incumbents Elizabeth Hill, Mike Peitsch, and Pam Shiels, and new Directors Janet Helmbold and Theresa Neville. With the rest of the Directors (Mindy Asp, Bonnie Garvin, Carol Peterson, Stephanie Reese, and Sue Robishaw) that gives us 10 Directors. It's a good working group!

The Lake Effect Art Gallery has a new Board with Carol Peterson, Pam Shiels, Theresa Neville, Brenda Fleck, Bonnie Garvin and Stephanie Reese. They are looking forward to working together and with the Gallery artists to make next season's Gallery better than ever! They are also looking for a few more people to join the Board and help the Gallery continue its successful operation.

SEPTEMBER: The Community Chorus had another successful fall "Autumn Leaves" concert with 60 singers participating and a full audience to enjoy them.

Readers Theater Group resumed their monthly gathering and reading of plays. The Group is open to anyone interested.

Memberships are being extended to December since we are changing our fiscal year from an October 1 to a January 1 starting point (for ease of reporting to government agencies). We will still remind current members and invite new members in during October.

JUNE/JULY: Readers Theatre group has been enjoying delving into many different plays but has decided to take the summer off and resume in September.

The Photography Group had several fruitful and fun field trips, visiting Seney Wildlife Refuge and Ellen Derber's beautiful flower gardens.

The Kiwanis Group asked for our help with the upcoming Missoula Children's Theatre. Pam and Mindy both volunteered. This has become an annual very popular summer event for the children of our County and their appreciative audiences.

The Recorder Group has once again began meeting Thursday afternoon to play as summer participants arrive back in the area.

APRIL/MAY: Lake Effect Art Gallery opened their 4th season with many happy shoppers May 22 and are looking forward to another good year.

The Photography Group is planning a number of 'hands on' field trips. We're looking forward to the results of their different view-points.

The Traditional Dances will be ending for the summer, but the Art Classes will be continuing through the season with many fun classes planned.

FEBRUARY/MARCH: The Board is happy to announce a new Board Member, Mike Peitsch. Mike and his wife, Georgia, have a strong interest and experience in community theatre and have been actively involved in LECA's new Readers Theatre group. We're happy to have Mike on Board.

LECA was well represented at Manistique Library's "What do you Geek" (what is your passion) event in February. We have so many passions in our organization! A number of directors and members were on hand to talk to folks and collect names and contact information for those interested in any of our many activities and groups.

We're looking into starting a new Gourmet Cooking Group. There was quite a bit of interest within our Board and we found a lot of interest in the community. Stay tuned for the beginning of this new group. If you want to volunteer to help get it going call or email -- we'd be happy to have you!

We're also in the early stages of organizing a Community Theatre. This is a big undertaking but there are people interested in being involved so we will go ahead. There are even more people interested in coming to the plays! This will be a popular addition to our community. There are many more needs for volunteers than just the actors on stage so if you are at all interested in being involved in some way let us know.

JANUARY: Lake Effect Community Arts starts the New Year with an ever expanding organization. We continue to offer a variety of fun Art Classes; our groups -- Readers Theatre, Photography, and Recorder -- meet monthly to share and enjoy their individual interests; old-time Dances are held bi-monthly; Community Chorus members gather together to sing and perform once or twice a year. And this new year is planning to offer even more! We appreciate everyone who participates. If there is some area of the arts that interests you that isn't already being covered, let us know, get involved, and help make it happen.


November: The New Lake Effect Arts Readers Theatre had their first gathering this month with 9 people attending and taking part, having a good time reading a collection of humorous short plays. The group will continue meeting monthly. Anyone interested is welcome to join in.

The Lake Effect Art Gallery had their annual one day Holiday Sale on the 22nd which was a great success. The Gallery will now be closed for the winter, re-opening the end of May. The Gallery had record sales for this season and are looking forward to an even better year next year.

The Board decided to officially end our involvement in putting on the July Manistique Art & Craft Fair due to continued low turnout. It was a hard decision after all these years but it was felt that the popular FolkFest just the week before and the many other craft fairs happening in the area all summer has filled that niche and the Manistique Art & Craft Fair is no longer needed. The Fair will be offered back to the Manistique Art Club (who had handed it to Lake Effect Arts several years ago) or the City should they want to continue it.

Officers were elected at the November meeting, continuing in their positions are: President, Sue Robishaw; Vice President, Stephanie Reese; Treasurer, Pam Shiels; and new Secretary Carol Peterson.

There will be no December Board meeting. The next meeting will be Thursday, January 15, continuing the 3rd Thursday schedule as we have been.

October:  The Community Chorus presented their annual Fall Concert Oct. 12 with a record number of singers and audience. The performance was much appreciated by all attending.

The Annual Membership and Election of Directors Meeting was held on the 16 with incumbent Directors Carol Peterson and Stephanie Reese being re-elected.

September:  The Recorder Group had their first "public" performance, playing several tunes during the Methodist Church service in early September. They will be taking the winter off as many of the group head south for the cold months.

Traditional Dances start again in September after taking the busy summer off, with two lively dances a month through May.

June:  The Manistique Community Chorus "Americana" Concert June 29 was a great success, with over 60 singers from our own and surrounding communities, and a generous and happy audience. Congratulations to all the singers and Director Jim Russey (and pianist Ginger Stark) for another wonderful afternoon of music.

We have a new partnership with the Schoolcraft County DayCamp run by Deb Gierke and sponsored by the Schoolcraft County Fair Association. Deb had need of art and craft supplies for the participants (often 60 to 100 children in a day!) and we had a desire to help and promote this fun introduction to many great creative projects. So, Lake Effect Community Arts is funding the supplies and Deb and the children are putting them to good use!

Roger Chard (baritone singer) and Maurita Peterson Holland (pianist) are once again gifting the community and Lake Effect Arts with a concert Sunday, August 24 with a theme this year of "Sea of Love, Love of Sea". It was a great success last year and we're looking forward to another interesting and enjoyable concert. All proceeds to to Lake Effect Community Arts. Tickets ($15) will go on sale the first of August.

The new Photography Group continues with another meeting planned for July 19.

Due to continues work on the US-2 bridge and the unfinished state of the Marina landscaping this years July 5 Art/Craft Fair will not be at the Marina but will again be held at the beautiful and versatile Central Park, next to Little Bear Arena and the Quarry "Lake" -- a little less wind and a great setting.

There will be no Board meeting in July. Next meeting will be August 21.

May:  The new Lake Effect Art Gallery/Lake Effect Community Arts Rack Cards have arrived and will be distributing to area restaurants, motels, and other appropriate venues. The back side lists a schedule of LEA events and activities.

There is now live old-time music for the Community Contra Dances thanks to Steve Schmeck and Larry Daasch which is a wonderful lively addition to the dances.

Director Jim Russey reported that rehearsal are now underway for the Manistique Community Chorus June 29 "Americana" concert, with over 60 singers participating and guest soloists Maurita Holland, piano, and Elise Calhoon, soprano.

April:  Lake Effect Art Gallery will open with their annual Spring Opening Reception Friday, May 23, 5:00-8:00 pm.

The Board agreed to participate in the Bonifas Arts Center annual Northern Exposure Juried Exhibit by committing $50 toward the awards.

Plans have begun for the Maurita Holland/Roger Chard LEA's Benefit Concert to be held Sunday, August 24.

March:  Plans for the Manistique Art & Craft Fair are now underway. We have permission to once again use the Marina so the Fair will move back to that venue.

It was decided to hold one of the monthly Traditional Community Contra Dances at the Traders Point Warehouse Gym on the evening of the Art Gallery Spring Opening May 23.

The Photography Group committee will be meeting with Mark Zebrowski to go over plans for the initial Photography Group meeting June 7.

Community Chorus rehearsals will begin Tuesday, May 6. Music has been ordered.

February:  The Lake Effect Art Gallery now has a Facebook page and is asking all its Facebook Friends to visit and "Like" their page.

The Board decided to conduct a Survey to determine what interests in the arts people in our community have, and what areas they would most like to participate in. Also to get a feel for how much support there might be for a physical Lake Effect Community Arts Center to determine if we should pursue that path. Kerry Ott has generously offered to help us organize, format and put together the survey..


December 2013:  Director, Jim Russey has set the dates for the 2014 Community Chorus Concerts: June 29 with a Patriotic theme, and October 12 for the annual FallFest concert. Rehearsals will be Tuesday evenings.

Lake Effect Arts received a generous grant from the Schoolcraft County Community Foundation in support of the Community Chorus concerts.

Gift Certificates for LEA Art Classes will now be available from the Art Classes Committee.

Lake Effect Arts signed on with support for an ArtPlace Grant being submitted by the City of Manistique. We look forward to more collaborations with the City in the future.

The Board is looking for a new Membership Chairperson.

November:  Our Annual Election of Officers was held at our regular Board meeting with unanimous re-election of all of our officers: President, Sue Robishaw; Vice-President, Stephanie Reese; Treasurer, Pam Shiels; Secretary, Liz Hill.

The Lake Effect Art Gallery is having a one day 10% Off / Thank-you Sale Saturday, Nov. 23, from 11:00-3:00. (Later Note: It was a Successful Day! Thanks for all who came out, bought, and saved).

The Traditional Dance Series begins again with an Old-Time Dance Saturday, November 23, 7:00-9:00 pm at the Inwood Twp Hall, Cooks. Dances will continue twice a month.

The Recorder Group is taking December off and will resume again the first Thursday in January.

October:  Our Annual Member/Direction Election meeting was held and directors Mindy Asp, Bonnie Garvin, and Sue Robishaw were all re-elected to the Board. Other directors are Liz Hill, Robin Mulligan, Carol Peterson, Marilyn Pitts, Stephanie Reese, Giannine Perigo and Pam Shiels.

The singers of our new Community Chorus did a great job at their first full length concert October 13 with director Jim Russey and pianist Ginger Stark. The concert was well attended and donations at the door were generous which will help a great deal in buying music for the next Spring concert.

A Memorial Donation directed toward the Community Chorus has been received in memory of Dorothy Hoholik.

The Art Classes committee has been hard at work lining up an impressive array of classes for the coming year. Check the Art Classes page often for updated information. The classes are filling rapidly now as more people become aware of these fun and interesting classes.

A Place of Our Own -- We appreciate and thank the Presbyterian Church, the First Baptist Church and Habitat for Humanity for letting us use their spaces at low to no cost for our Art Classes and other activities. However, we still dream and are on the lookout for a place of our own with easily cleaned flooring for occasionally messy art classes, storage for art supplies (especially for children's classes), a good wooden floor for dance, and other options for our many activities. If you have any ideas, let us know!

September: The Roger Chard/Maurita Holland concert last month was a great success. The wonderful music, full house, and extra donations raised about $2500 for Lake Effect Community Arts! This was a big boost for our organization. Roger and Maurita have said they will be happy to do another benefit concert next year so the date has been set -- Sunday, August 24, 2014. We're already looking forward to it!

We now have a Lifetime Membership option for $500, in addition to the $35 annual membership for Individuals, Businesses, or Organizations and $50 annual membership for Families. Our Membership Year runs from October 1 to September 30.

The Community Chorus is set, and has been practicing weekly, for its first full length Concert Sunday, October 13, 3:30 pm at the Manistique High School Auditorium. A grant from the Schoolcraft County Community Foundation has helped a great deal in providing funds for the chorus music and the concert expenses. We greatly appreciate their assistance.

August: Mark Zebrowski, a photographer and summer resident of Manistique Twp visited the Board with his interest in starting a Photography Club. The Board was enthusiastic about the idea and agreed to form a Photography Club with Mark's help in the Spring when he returns to the area. Stephanie Reese will be the contact and liaison for the Club.

July: Thank you to all the exhibitors who braved high winds to help make our Manistique Art & Craft Fair a fun place to be. We had wonderful artists and craftspeople and the public had a good time enjoying it all!

A Recorder group began this month under the leadership of Jane Wilson. The mix of beginner and experienced players are having fun getting together to learn and explore this versatile instrument. They meet every Thursday, 1-3 pm at the First Baptist Church in Manistique. All are welcome to join in.

Rehearsals for the Manistique Community Orchestra fall concert will begin Tuesday, August 20 and every Tuesday until the concert.

Tickets are now on sale for the Roger Chard-Maurita Holland "Show Tunes" benefit (for Lake Effect Community Arts) concert August 25. Seating is limited and people are excited and looking forward to this concert by these experienced and fun artists, and are buying their tickets. So be sure to get yours, too. Tickets are available at the Lake Effect Art Gallery, Traders Point, and the Mustard Seed, downtown Manistique.

April 2013: April is a busy month for the arts in our area! Check out the Calendar. Fused Glass class the 27th, Community Contra Dance the 11th, Family Dance the 26th, Community Chorus first performance with "Glee" the 27th & 28th, Community Orchestra Spring concert the 21st, and many nights of Man. HS plays. Hurray for the many arts in our communities!

March: Due to renovation this summer at the Marina the July 6 Art & Craft Fair will be held this year at Central Park, next to the Bandshell, Little Bear Arena and Quarry. Thanks to the City for allowing us to use this nice space.

January: The new Community Chorus is on its way with first rehearsal scheduled for March 5 with Director Jim Russey (see MUSIC for more information). First public performance will be with the Manistique High School "Glee" April 27 & 28.

The Art Gallery had a very successful first year! It is closed now for the winter but will reopen in late May.

A new Traditional Dance Series is being organized beginning with a monthly adult/teen Community Contra Dance Thursday, March 14, and a Family Dance for all ages, 0 to 100, in April. (see DANCE for more information).

Art Classes continue to be popular with a once a month schedule through spring.


October 2012: New Board members were elected at the annual Membership Meeting in October. We welcome to the Board: Liz Hill, Robin Mulligan, Giannine Perigo, and Marilyn Pitts-Johnson. They join Mindy Asp, Bonnie Garvin, Carol Peterson, Stephanie Reese, Sue Robishaw, and Pam Shiels to make up our new ten member Board for the coming year. Officers will be elected at the November 15 meeting.

October 2012: LEA will be hosting an informational Open House at the Lake Effect Art Gallery Sunday afternoon, October 21, from 2:00-4:00, with refreshments and an opportunity to talk with members about what our Lake Effect Community Arts is all about, what we are doing, and what we hope to do. This is a great opportunity to bring along some friends and enjoy mingling with others who are also interested in the arts possibilities in our community, and check out the Art Gallery while you're at it!

September 2012: Eight LEA Members have 26 pieces of wonderful artwork on exhibit at the Bonifas Arts Center Studio in Escanaba. The exhibit runs from September 25 through October 29. This is a great opportunity for exposure not only for the artists participating but for Lake Effect Arts as well. We appreciate the Bonifas Arts Center inviting us to participate as one of their monthly Studio Exhibits. The artwork is best viewed in person, of course, but if you'd like a preview of photos of the exhibit, click HERE.

August 2012: A Community Choir is being formed! LEA is happy to be involved in organizing and sponsoring a community choir in our area. If you are interested, go to the MUSIC page (click on link at right) for more information and how to get on the contact list.

Carol Peterson is now the Membership Chair for Lake Effect Arts. If members have any changes in their contact information (address, phone, email) be sure to let her know so we can stay in touch. Her phone number is 341-6416 and email cjmp@centurytel.net

July 7 2012: Manistique Art and Craft Fair at the Marina during the annual Independence Day Celebration. With more than 30 vendors and a wide variety of art and craft this annual show is always popular and fun. Again this year LEA will have a drawing at their booth with wonderful art related prizes donated by Ben Franklin Store, Cheap Joes Artstuff, Jerrys Artarama, and Blick Art Materials.

June 2012: Family memberships are now available for Lake Effect Arts. The board voted to add a $50 family membership to our fee structure, in addition to the current $35 single membership for individuals, organizations or businesses.

June 2012: The Board agreed to donate a $25 gift certificate to the Schoolcraft Chamber of Commerce for the Folk Fest Silent Auction coming up in July.

June 11, 2012: Lake Effect Art Gallery is now Open!! The committee and the artists who came foreward to display and sell their work did an outstanding job and the universal reaction as folks walk in to the Gallery seems to be "Wow!!". The doors opened first for a lively and fun PreOpen party for the members of Lake Effect Arts and the artists/craftspeople who are involved. Then Monday the 11th the public was invited and they haven't stopped coming since, with purchases and compliments. It has been a great start for an idea that has been on the agenda since the very first group meeting a year ago January. The Gallery is open Monday thru Saturday, 10:00 am-5:00 pm. The plan is to be open through October with possibly a special Holiday session later in the year.

May 2012: Members of Lake Effect Arts now receive a 10% discount on classes and events sponsored by LEA as was voted on by the Board at their May meeting. We very much appreciate our members!

May 2012: The Gallery committee is formed into a Board as the Lake Effect Art Gallery becomes official. They will operate legally as a separate for profit entity wholly owned by the non-profit Lake Effect Community Arts Center. Any profits will go to LECAC. Board members are President - Karen Christie; Vice President - Carol Peterson; Secretary - Rene Engle; Treasurer - Pam Shiels; member - Martha Fieber.

April 2012: LEA voted to participate in the Bonifas Arts Centers annual regional show "Northern Exposure" by donating toward their awards programs.

March 2012: An organizational meeting was held and a committee formed to go forward on an Art Gallery to be named Lake Effect Art Gallery. Ginger and Jim Stark offered the building between the Upper Crust Cafe and their Antique Shop at Traders' Point for the new Gallery. 

February 7, 2012: The annual Manistique Art and Craft Fair has been passed on to Lake Effect Arts from the Manistique Art Club who has done a great job of putting on this popular local Fair for so many years. The committee has made a few changes and the Application Flyers have been sent out. We're trying to reach as many interested artists and craftspeople as we can, particularly in our area. We're looking forward to an expanded and fun Fair, Saturday July 7, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. For more information and the application form click on the "Manistique Art & Craft Fair" button on the left menu bar.

February 3, 2012: It's official! Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit application has been approved!! This means that donations to Lake Effect Arts are tax deductible, retroactive to our Incorporation date of March 25, 2011. This is a great cause for celebration! And a great relief.
    It also means we can begin seriously considering fund raising possibilities, looking for grants and soliciting and encouraging donations to the group to fund our programs and someday our own permanent facility (which would be very nice indeed!). The possibilities are without borders.

January 19, 2012: There is finally activity on our 501(c)(3) application -- as of Jan. 6 it is out of the "wait" pile and in "review". We should hear within 30 days.

The Community Chorus is being organized by Patty Faketty with possibly the first meeting in February.

The first "Traditional County Dance" class with Sue Robishaw will be held March 2.

Michele Earle will be teaching a "Watercolor Basics" class February 19.

December 15, 2011: It was agreed to join the Schoolcraft County Chamber of Commerce now that we have a little money in our coffers.

Monthly Art Classes continue with ideas being solicited for more classes and other activities.

November 17, 2011: Board officers were elected: President - Sue Robishaw, Treasurer - Pam Shiels, Vice-President, Stephanie Reese, Secretary - Donna Pryor-Foote. 

October 22, 2011: The first annual Membership Meeting was held with potluck snacks to accompany discussions. A new slate of directors was elected to serve the coming year: Sue Robishaw, Pam shiels, Bonnie Garvin, Stephanie Reese, Mindy Asp, Donna Pryor-Foote, and Carol Peterson.

Manistique Art Club has asked, and it was agreed, that Lake Effect Arts take over the annual July 4th Manistique Art and Craft Show. A sub-committee was formed with many of the same people who have been involved in the past, so the change-over should be smooth.

An Art Gallery committee, headed by Pam Shiels, was formed to start looking into and planning a future Art Gallery for the time when we have a facility to house it.

June, 2011: Our Art Classes got underway this month with our first offering - Gourd Art with Clarlyn Ledy. The class was soon full and was enjoyed by an enthusiastic group of participants. We look forward to many more classes.

May 19, 2011: The interim Board of Directors have been appointed and officers elected. Though we have been meeting since January, this was our first official Board meeting and we made great progress toward our formal organization. The new directors and officers are: Sue Robishaw, president; Stephanie Reese, vice president; Pam Shiels, treasurer; Donna Pryor-Foote, secretary; Bonnie Garvin, Liz Hill, Mindy Asp, and Carol Peterson. The meetings will continue to open and welcome to all members and interested public.

In additon to the officers, committee chairs and members are Bonnie Garvin, Facilities; Liz Hill, Publicity; Stephanie Reese and Mindy Asp, Art Classes; Steve Schmeck, webmaster.

April 20, 2011: LEArts now has a new logo! Thanks to Steve Schmeck for the design (see at the upper left of this page). Thanks also to those who submitted designs -- it was a fun time perusing the options, and not easy to vote on just one.

April 5, 2011: Word just in -- the State of Michigan has stamped and approved our ‘Articles of Incorporation’ and our document is on file with the Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth, Bureau of Commercial Services. “Lake Effect Community Arts Center” is now officially a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation, incorporated in the State of Michigan, as of March 25, 2011. Hurray for us!! The organization committee will now go forth in applying for Federal 501(c)(3) and State tax exemption status. When we obtain that, the tax exempt status will be retroactive to March 25, 2011.