Lake Effect Community Arts Gets Involved with
Mia Tavonatti's "Power of Words" project in Manistique

Power of Words "Discover"
"Discover!" - 2018

Power of Words "Imagine"
"Imagine!" - 2019

Lake Effect Community Arts teamed up with the Schoolcraft County Tourist Council and artist Mia Tavonatti, with support from CUPPAD, to bring these murals to downtown Manistique. The murals' central "word" design was chosen by the public. After the community nominated 20 unique words, voting commenced through on-line and paper ballots, for a total of nearly 1,500 ballots being cast. 

Locally, the project was spearheaded in collaboration between Schoolcraft Tourism and Commerce and Lake Effect Community Arts.

Funding was provided in part through funds from CUPPAD’s ArtPlace grant, and in-kind and monetary contributions from businesses, organizations and individuals.

The first mural, 'Discover', was painted in 2018 on the People’s Store and the second mural, 'Imagine' was painted on the new mBank Lake Effect Community Arts building in 2019. Both projects are located on the intersection of S. Cedar and Oak streets in downtown Manistique, Michigan

About the Power of Words:
The Power of Words Project is a humanitarian mural campaign designed to engage and inspire community members to participate in the creative process by coming together to select words that define the vision they hold for the future of their community. These words become the themes for monumental works of art designed by Mia Tavonatti, an internationally award-winning artist and native of Iron Mountain, and created by her and her team of professional muralists, local artists and student scholarship recipients, in prominent locations within the community.

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