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Lake Effect Arts  RECORDER Group

"GoPher Baroque"

Band Instruments

group recorder players photo

5 recorders graphicGoPher Baroque Recorder Group is led by Jane Wilson (in the summer months) and members (off and on in the winter). The focus is on group learning and playing opportunities for both beginners and more advanced players in a fun and casual environment. Some musical knowledge will be helpful but is not necessary. New players are very Welcome!

Please Note: The Recorder Group takes a vacation during the winter months when so many members are out-of-town (where there is no snow!). They reconvene in the summer. 

Thursdays, 1:00 - 2:30 pm
First Baptist Church, 319 Walnut, Manistique
Your own recorder, and possibly a music stand.
For more information contact:
Pam Shiels at (906) 283-3415 or
E-mail: treasurer@lakeeffectarts.org  

Description: This is a group playing opportunity for all experience levels -- beginners can get help learning to play a musical instrument that is reasonably easy and forgiving while learning to read music as well. More experienced players can enjoy playing weekly with a group and advancing their own skills while helping the new players, or possibly use this as an opportunity to learn a different type of recorder. The recorder in its various forms has been around since the sixteenth century and is still a popular instrument, being adaptable for new players as well as advanced musicians.
Instructor/Leader:  Jane Wilson is a retired teacher with over 15 years experience teaching music in public school. She’s been involved in several recorder groups and is enthused about getting people involved in playing the recorder and sharing her interest in early music.

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Recorder Group Participants include: Jane Wilson, Pam Shiels, Janet Helmbold, Ann LeBreck, Anne Troyer, Candy Simonen, Jan Reed, and others. It's a friendly and enjoyable group.

recorder players photo - Ann, Candy      recorder players photo - Pam, Jane   

recorder players photo - Ann, Anne, Candy      recorder players photo - Janet, Jan, Pam