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Here is our wish and want list for Lake Effect Community Arts. If you can donate or purchase anything below for the use of the organization, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you. Check back often, the list will be ever changing as we change and grow and create the organization.

* Lake Effect Art Gallery would like a good quality paper cutter.

* Old-time/Celtic Dance Musicians - if you (or someone you know) is interested in playing old-time music for our dances contact fiddler Steve Schmeck, 906-644-2598, steve@manytracks.com.

* Art Class Space - A room (or building) to use for our Art Classes that (1) is easily accessible, (2) has a durable, cleanable floor, (3) sink for clean-up, (4) storage space for art supplies and tools, and (5) good lighting and (6) reasonable parking. If you can supply this you will make a LOT of people very happy!

* An all around wonderful facility that has room for all of the arts activities that are happening or want to be happening as part of Lake Effect Community Arts Center. A real “Center” on which to hang our name, and welcome all participants. If we can imagine it, we can make it happen. If you can help us achieve it, you can share in the satisfaction of providing something special for our community. Ideas? Let us know what they are.

* There are many items waiting to go on the list as soon as we have a Lake Effect Community Arts Center to put them in.

* Things not on this list. Just because we haven’t thought of it, doesn’t mean we don’t want it! If you have something to donate or want to purchase for the Center, talk to us. If we can use it we’ll be happy to have it. If we can’t use it, maybe we’ll know of another nonprofit who can.